A professionally cleaned carpet will have had most of the accumulated and unsolicited debris that’s gathered in is eradicated. If you want to know how to maintain and keep it look great, the expert carpet cleaners Seattle will be sharing some of the best aftercare tips to help maintain your newly cleaned carpets. 


Wait before you move the furniture 

Make sure that you won’t move your furniture back into their respective places until the furniture has completely dried. Your carpet won’t probably be dry for approximately 24 hours. Moreover, you have to vacuum your floor before moving your furniture.  

Crack open the window 

A carpet cleaning can cause humidity to accumulate in your house. You can reduce the humidity level once you open the windows. Once the humidity level is reduced, then you can dry your carpet flooring a lot faster than usual.  

Clean up the spills ASAP 

Most of the time, soiled carpets happen because the stains are not removed right after they happen. Removing stains will be a lot easier if you immediately clean them up. A lot of stains can clean up with a paper towel and a carpet spotter.  

Blot the spot gently as well. if you attempt to scrub too hard, then you’re only risking the chance of damaging your carpets or making the stain even worse.  

Use fans 

If you want to dry your carpet faster, moving air can also help you with that. If you have a floor fan or ceiling fan, then you must switch it on.  

Be careful as you walk on the newly cleaned carpet 

Damp carpets can be hazardous since they are slippery. So, you need to be extra careful as you walk on such carpets. It would be best if you stay off of it for at least 2-4 hours. Even if an expert carpet cleaning service can eliminate the stains it will get, it won’t be able to eliminate all of the dirt and grime from the carpet. Hence, traces of dirt on your carpet’s surface will still be visible. Once you walk on a damp carpet, then you’ll only re-soil it. On top of that, walking on your carpet too soon will only flatten it out. This will increase the time that it needs to dry.  

Apply a carpet protector 

Applying a carpet protector is one of the best things that you can do for your carpet to keep it from being re-soiled. Carpet protectors will be keeping stains and dirt from being absorbed in your carpet flooring. Moreover, it’ll prolong the time that it takes before you need a new carpet cleanings session.  

You need to regularly vacuum the newly cleaned carpet 

Vacuuming your professionally cleaned carpet at least once per week is a good idea. It’s estimated that 75% of stains can be eliminated with the help of thorough vacuuming. But, make sure to go slow as you vacuum your carpet. Doing this regularly will keep your carpet looking beautiful and fresh. Plus, it’ll help in prolonging their lifespan.